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Month: August 2003

Personal: Can I have a “GroundHog Day” please?

Crap! (actually, I was going to saw something much worse but…). I’ve had the s—tist day for ages today: it all started last night: I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and when I did manage to sleep I had really bad nightmares (such as my own death: but with kinda “camera zoom in” style close ups – something I didn’t really need after seeing myself die!).

The cat then woke me up at 4am by Meowing (something she’s been really p–ing me off with recently: she just meows for no reason), so I let her outside eventually – well, I got out of bed, went downstairs (she ran past me and sat at the front door), I opened the door (note: just out of bed and naked!) she just looked at me. I close door, follow her in to the lounge and she just flops down. I walk back towards the stairs and she runs and tries to climb up the front door (indicating she wants it open), I open it and she eventually went out. Couldn’t get back to sleep.

Alarm went off at 7.30am (as per normal) but because I was so tired I didn’t hear it until around 8.20am then realised that what I thought was the 7.30am news was, in fact, the 8.30! So have to rush to get ready for work – and discover that I’ve got no hot water for a wash PLUS I’ve got quite a growth of stubble that needs shaving. Have my shave and have very very very quick hair wash (hair still unruly several hours later).

Guess That Movie: LXVIII: Charlies Angels

Guess That Movie Round 68First off, congratulations and welcome to Christina Mullin for correctly recognising that the Guess That Movie competition film screenshot for round 67 was, indeed, the film The Worst Witch starring Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble (Fairuza played Dorothy Gale in Return To Oz and more recently Nancy Downs in the film The Craft).

Anyway – here’s image 68 – take a guess and let me know which movie/film you think the screen shot has been taken from – and here’s me being generous again – there’s a connection between the previous Guess That Movie image and this one…

For those of you who are new, read on for the details of the competition and the prizes you could win – otherwise, just make your guess by leaving a comment with your name (or alias), email address (real one please: only I can see them anyway and I hate spam), web site address (totally optional) and the name of the movie you are guessing at.

A: Charlies Angels. Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Personal: Hotmail Clones

aka: Good tips for newbie website owners

Ok, this is more of a “Work/Techy” entry than a personal entry, but it’s more of a rant/”get off my nerves” sort of post and I try and keep my “letting off steam” style posts in the Personal section.

Recently at work, we’ve launched a new web hosting solution for our customers that offers them the minimal acceptable technical support possible (if the server is down, we’ll kick it: that’s about it(!)), but with oodles and oodles of bandwidth available for an extremely low price (gambling on our calculations of bandwidth vs techie time). So far, it’s been quite successful and reasonably popular, with no major difficulties so far, but the low bandwidth cost/price ratio has attracted a certain “type” of customer (i.e. we’ve had more than 2 enquiries about it).

The type of customer who sees “Hmm, unlimited email addresses and bandwidth at dirt cheap prices: I’ll buy it and set up a Hotmail clone”. Is it wrong not to have the heart to tell them that setting up a proper web mail client is a lot harder than they think? First, find an appropriate script – yeah, there’s plenty of free ones out there which will let you read your email online, fewer that support “on the fly creation” and fewer still that support all the “whizz bang features” you don’t realise Hotmail has (such as the continual “Mailbox space” updating, Messenger integration, quite good spell checker, multi folder support, reasonable interface etc etc).

Snippet: D’oh moment.

For the past 1.5hours, I’ve been watching a movie and taking odd snapshots of it so I can pick an appropriate image for the Guess That Movie competition (as The Worst Witch has now been recognised), I also took a couple of screen shots of movies that were being broadcast at the same time so I’d have a selection of images to chose from. Movie ends, and I shut down WinTV2000 (the TV card software). However, I fail to take copies of the screen shots before closing it down. Aaargh! It’s now nearly 1am and too late for me to go downstairs, rewind the tape, play, come back up upstairs, wait for an appropriate image, capture it, resize it and upload it: therefore Guess That Movie is just going to wait $DEITY damn it! Soz!

Fun: Oomph, Lumpa Diddle Bush

Ooopmh, Lumpa, Dumpyde Do, Have I got another flash animation for you? Ommpha lumpha dumpdy dee, If you are wise you’ll watch it too, Who do you blame for war in Iraqi? Smiling next to him is his siamese cat… Ok – I give up, just go and watch the two part I Want It Now and The Oompa Loompa Song animation I learnt about via Scott (who, I’m sure, isn’t Evil 😉 )