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Personal: Can I have a “GroundHog Day” please?

Crap! (actually, I was going to saw something much worse but…). I’ve had the s—tist day for ages today: it all started last night: I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and when I did manage to sleep I had really bad nightmares (such as my own death: but with kinda “camera zoom in” style close ups – something I didn’t really need after seeing myself die!).

The cat then woke me up at 4am by Meowing (something she’s been really p–ing me off with recently: she just meows for no reason), so I let her outside eventually – well, I got out of bed, went downstairs (she ran past me and sat at the front door), I opened the door (note: just out of bed and naked!) she just looked at me. I close door, follow her in to the lounge and she just flops down. I walk back towards the stairs and she runs and tries to climb up the front door (indicating she wants it open), I open it and she eventually went out. Couldn’t get back to sleep.

Alarm went off at 7.30am (as per normal) but because I was so tired I didn’t hear it until around 8.20am then realised that what I thought was the 7.30am news was, in fact, the 8.30! So have to rush to get ready for work – and discover that I’ve got no hot water for a wash PLUS I’ve got quite a growth of stubble that needs shaving. Have my shave and have very very very quick hair wash (hair still unruly several hours later).

Leave house and head for bus stop: have to run the last section as I would have just missed the bus otherwise (luckily kind bus driver!). Walk from bus stop to work and pass a number of magpies on their own and think “1 for sorrow: after the nightmares last night…”

Work starts off alright (although my boss gets quickly fed up with all the copies of the Sobig.F virus he’s been sent), but then a PC fails (I think the power supply when poof: basically it’ll power up for around 10 minutes and then stop: no display, no lights on PC chassis, but keyboard illuminated). So I swop the hard drive with a “same make, different model” PC we’ve got as a standby. Windows XP tried booting, fails. Tries again, fails. Tries with “safe mode” selected, fails. Safe mode again, fails. So I have to now slave the original hard drive to the new PC’s original master: and the drive caddie is like 2mm too thin for both drives. Eventually I get it all up and running and by midday, it’s back in a reasonable working state (most emails recovered etc etc).

Then I win a bottle of wine at the “Workplace Raffle” (first time I entered, I won a bottle of wine which is 1st place, second time I won a choccy bar – second place, and this third time a second bottle). Things are looking up – or are they?

Come 6pmish and my boss wants a word: I’ve f–cked up royally over something and it’s not looking good *gulp* . I know it’s all my fault and that I don’t have much explanation (if any) for the c–k-up, but *gulp again* . Leave, and realise I’ve missed the bus by 3minutes 🙁 Start walking home.

Pass a large number of magpies on their own again, but at one point pass four magpies together (if you’re wondering – the sequence is “one for Sorrow, two for Joy, three for a Girl, four for a Boy, five for Silver, six for Gold, 7 for a Secret : never to be told”). The bus beats me to the last bus stop by 2 minutes.

Get home and feel knackered, but have to check emails for a while to see if I can smooth things over with my boss (don’t think I have been able to!). Decide to do some washing. Go to open the washing machine and a waterfall erupts! It hadn’t drained.

Set washing machine on drain. Wait. Washing machine still full – obviously the filter is blocked again! (filter last cleaned/emptied last week). Reassemble Wet/dry vacuum cleaner and suck out water from washing machine drum. Stop. Empty vacuum cleaner’s collection tank. Recommence. Unscrew filter and suck out water. Remove filter – it’s clogged (with the same stuff as last time – word of advice: don’t wash mats in washing machines!). Reassemble washing machine and set to spin/drain again.

Let cat in. Cat starts meowing for no reason…

*grr*. Can I please go back in time and relive today – ideally without all the things that went wrong? Oddly enough, I go on vacation/holiday on Saturday (although I’ve already managed to get a “house sitter”) – and the last time I went on holiday, I came back to no job….

History doesn’t repeat itself does it?

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