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Month: August 2003

Memes: Friday Five

Ahh, I haven’t done a “Meme” for ages and since it seems nearly everybody else on my blogroll has done this weeks Friday Five, I thought I’d join in 😉

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Typically around 18 hours a day. Yep: that’s roughly 8 hours away from the ‘net per day (around 7 hours sleep per day). I does help that I work as a systems/servers/network administrator and search engine optimizer and hence need a lot of network access during the working day… I’m actually semi dreading my forthcoming holiday because of this: it’ll be the longest I’ve been “net-less” for over 6 years and I’m dreading the amount of email I’ll have when I return (an average of 3,000 emails per day [mostly spam] with a 7 day holiday… *gulp*).

Do you think I’ll get withdrawal symptoms?

Guess That Movie: LXVII: The Worst Witch

Guess That Movie Round 67Yes, it’s time for round LXVII of the Guess That Movie competition (slightly delayed due to the server move).

First of all – Kymberlie R. McGuire correctly recognised the screen shot in round 66 as being from the 1998 remake of Pyscho and she should have received your gift voucher (which is the prize) for her previous guesses by now (for some reason, would not accept the normal Guess That Movie email address: and hence I had to recode the “auto-prizer” bit I’m writing).

Anyway – here’s image 67 (sorry, I can’t stop playing with the Google calculator) – take a guess and let me know which movie/film you think the screen shot has been taken from. I’ll be generous and give you a clue “You won’t find the scarecrow in this movie”: I doubt it’ll help, but at least you can’t complain I’m not being helpful 😉

For those of you who are new, read on for the details of the competition and the prizes you could win – otherwise, just make your guess by leaving a comment with your name (or alias), email address (real one please: only I can see them anyway and I hate spam), web site address (totally optional) and the name of the movie you are guessing at.

A: The Worst Witch. Correctly guessed by christina mullin

Games: Lemmings (Web Based)

LemmingsI wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t played it with my own hands – but “crisp” has made a DHTML version of the popular Lemmings game which means you can now play Lemmings Online (ok, you need a reasonably up to date Javascript and DHTML browser – but IE5.5 and later, Mozilla 1.3 and later and most version of Opera should support it).

It’s even got in game animations, pass codes and music (although no proper sound effects – so you’ll have to make your own “Oh no!” and “Yippee!” sound effects yourself). It’s absolutely brilliant and I just hope crisp continues to develop it as it’s amazing but still a bit short on levels (he’s converting the “real Lemmings levels” to Javascript versions so it could take a while – but he’s got 9 of the “Fun” levels, and 2 of the “Tricky” levels done).

Oh – it’s also open source (under the GPL) so if you want to see how it works, you can: you can even make your own “forked” version if you so wish!

(Link courtesy of Stupid Evil Bastard)

Snippet: New Blog Housey!

If you are reading this, you are now accessing Richy’s Random Ramblings at it’s new server home! Wooopie! However: it could take up to 48 hours for all the DNS servers to work their magic, so be careful of dragons until then. Here’s two handy commands when moving a site from one server to another: wget -t0 –progress=dot -S -nH –cut-dirs=2 -m –passive-ftp ftp://[OLD_FTP_USERNAME]:[OLD_FTP_PASSWORD]@[OLD_HOST]:[OLD_FTP_PORT]/[OLD_PATH_TO_WEBROOT]/*# Replace the [] information with the applicable details for your situation and run it in your public_html folder on your new machine (if your old setup didn’t have a structure similar to “/home/username/” then you may need to change the –cut-dirs=XX value to match the “depth”. For safeties sake, once it’s copied everything you’d best do a chown NEWUSERNAME:NEWUSERGROUP -R * and chmod a-w * -R to ensure the file permissions are set correctly. mysql -u[DB_USERNAME] -p[DB_PASSWORD] -h127.0.0.1 [DB_DBNAME] Import the contents of SQLFILE.SQL into MySQL.

Snippet: Guess That Movie Delayed

The latest Guess That Movie image will be delayed for 24 hours (along with another “Which movie am I poll?”). Why? Well, my ADSL connection is now down for maintenance until 4am and hence I’m having to resort to just plain old 56k dialup – and for obvious reasons, I don’t want to be uploading images or staying online longer than necessary (I pay by the minute for dialup access, ADSL is just one monthly fee). Sorry!