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LemmingsI wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t played it with my own hands – but “crisp” has made a DHTML version of the popular Lemmings game which means you can now play Lemmings Online (ok, you need a reasonably up to date Javascript and DHTML browser – but IE5.5 and later, Mozilla 1.3 and later and most version of Opera should support it).

It’s even got in game animations, pass codes and music (although no proper sound effects – so you’ll have to make your own “Oh no!” and “Yippee!” sound effects yourself). It’s absolutely brilliant and I just hope crisp continues to develop it as it’s amazing but still a bit short on levels (he’s converting the “real Lemmings levels” to Javascript versions so it could take a while – but he’s got 9 of the “Fun” levels, and 2 of the “Tricky” levels done).

Oh – it’s also open source (under the GPL) so if you want to see how it works, you can: you can even make your own “forked” version if you so wish!

(Link courtesy of Stupid Evil Bastard)

Lemmings Passcodes

  1. Just dig: BAJHLDHBCL
  2. Only floaters can survive this: IJJLDLCCCL
  3. Tailor made for blockers: NJLDLCADCY
  4. Now use miners and climbers: HNLHCIOECW
  5. You need bashers this time: LDLCAJNFCK
  6. A task for blockers and bombers: DLCIJNLGCT
  7. Builders will help you here: HCAONNLHCX
  8. Not as complicated as it looks: CINNLDLICJ
  9. As long as you try your best: CEJHMDLJCN


  1. This should be a doddle!: HCENNONPDW
  2. We all fall down: CIOLMFLQDU

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  1. Man, I used to love to play Lemmings! What a great game!

  2. In the last couple of hours, there’s been upgrades to the web based version of Lemmings: the “Lets go!”, “Yippees” and “Urgh!” sounds are now active and there’s a new level (passcode below):

    10: “Smile if you love lemmings”: IKHMDLCKCT

  3. Faith says:

    Just wondering where I can find the game on the net so that I can play it off line

  4. coxy says:

    r u ready for the legend

  5. Richard Diaz says:

    I played Lemmings on SNES the first time I saw it and it took me 2 years to pass all 125 levels. For at least 5 more years, I’ve chllenged myself by passing levels using either the least amount of time, saving the most lemmings I can on hard levels or by using the least number of tools at the bottom of the screen. I’ve improved so much that I’ve been wanting to redesign some of the levels and make it look like I would have to complete it the way I try hard to just to chalenge myself. That way with the images, they can see how hard the ways I’ve tried to complete the levels are, but I’ve never found images with everything I need to cut and paste to design my own levels and so I never got the chance of showing them. Then I finally tried playing Lemmings on Sega Genesis online. It had 180 levels. I realized that although I’m extremely skilled with the levels on SNES, I can’t figure out how to complete levels that I’ve never seen in just a minute. But I was able to complete the first 173 levels in just 4 days, but then there was a power failure on the street we lived on, maybe due to bad weather. Well we had Cox Digital Caple too and it would have costed a lot for us to pay somebody to reconnect it all according to how tight of a budget we were on. We didn’t get it all back for a few months. Now that we’ve got it back, I’ve been able to redownload the game, but I don’t know how to and so I have to ask my brother to do it when he gets the chance, but I’ve asked him for a lot of help and he doesn’t realy like it. I asked him to get the internet working on my computer, rewire the wires that have been tripped over and pulled out, again get the internet going and so I’m waiting another week or so to ask him. Anyways, when I played Lemmings online, it was fun, because I was tired of the one’s I already know how to pass. Oh yeah, and from playing it on SNER for so long, I’ve figured out secrets in the game that no Lemmings game has any levels that you would have to figure out the secrets and use them and so my designed levels would look impossible, believe me. And people would have to play it for at least 7 years before one of the secrets accidently happen without anyone expecting it, because the way the secrets are done, other things have to be done that are not needed at all when passing the levels the normal way. So the chances are very very low of somebody doing a lot of things that are required if you want to use the secret approach without realizing they’re about to use the secret approach. Even experts who pass the levels the normal way without losing once would not understand what somebody doing the secret is actually trying to do. If I ever get an answer from a producer of the game saying they would like to see my levels, I’d do it right away, because I would like to challenge them too. The secret moves are so unusual that I have the feeling that nobody making the game are unaware of the secret moves. That’s why I would like to show them my designed levels. Maybe they’ll like them and agree of making another game of lemmings. Since the levels would be so hard, I think they should make a much better ending compared to something like the lemmings standing on a stage bowing to the audience and players realize that it wasn’t even real for them either, they knew it was fake all along. I didn’t really like that ending because it made the imagination about them being lost hard.

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