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Snippet: Customers…

Just reading Slashdot about technical support (and some of the calls I have come through – kak!), and this comment with the remark: Although I think the funniest, in terms of "what was this guy smoking?" was this one kid who, during a reboot, felt the burning need to ask: "So, know any good warez sites?"
Reminded me of a telephone call the other week with one of our hosting customers (as well as internet web hosting, the company I work for is also one of the UK leaders in search engine optimization). We had this customer ask “Do you know any good sites about search engine optimization?” – now, if most of you time is spent finding good sites, forums etc etc about your main sector of business would you respond with anything else then “Yes”?

Obviously, they asked “Well, can you tell me a few?”, my response (knowing roughly how much this customer was spending on hosting: he’s in the top 5 spenders btw) was “Unfortunately not – but if you use a search engine you’ll be able to find them”. Bad customer support? Well, the tech support team supports our webservers and that’s it so it was a “correct response” plus the fact that a few days later he signed up with us for a mid range search engine optimization package so 😉

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