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Personal: Well, I went out last night…

Last night (Saturday), I went out “on the town” for what I think is the first time this year (yep, it’s already November!). Started getting ready around 6pm (bath, have dinner, shave, have hair wash, shave again, get trousers on, shave annoying bits I’ve missed again, get shirt on, use razor yet again), just missed the 10pm bus so I had to walk into town (it’s was chilly, but not cold): got into town and then went to the Creation nightclub on Churchgate in Leicester (Churchgate is practically all pubs and clubs down one side). Spent around 45 minutes in there having 2 “Red Square” Vodka bottle drinks and then headed home (since it was raining I caught a taxi).

Blarg! Seems a bit of a waste doesn’t it! I think I spent more time travelling that actually time at the nightclub: but it was very packed and I just wasn’t too much in the mood: plus going on your own isn’t that “fun” either. I need to get out more!


  1. The Creation in Leeds is my all-time favourite club – hope the one in Leicester is like that too.

  2. Chloe Chloe

    loving leices in fact. well living there! don’t go on your own silly come with me

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