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Snippet: Microsoft Frontpage 2003

As much as my hatred of Microsoft Frontpage is known, I must admit I’m seriously thinking about MS Frontpage 2003 [Order from] amazoncom:B0000AZJV8 . Why? Well until now the “horrible code” it produced and the very templated look of the sites (I can usually tell within seconds if it’s a Frontpage site) has put me off even considering maybe getting a copy – but an advertisement over at Slashdot which pointed me towards this Flash Demo of FP2003 is seriously making me reconsidering. Clean code, “code snippets” (something that my “editor of preference” – EditPlus doesn’t yet offer), regular expression search and replace, “split screen editing mode”, Accessibility checking, and XML data connectivity…. *drool*.

Only two things are putting me off at the moment: The £153.49 price tag (how much!?!?) and the fact it’s a Microsoft product. Oh well, I’ll just have to do without for now.


  1. It’s a MS product…stay away…it’s only window dressing…it won’t *really* work that way.


  2. rav rav

    try dreamweaver

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