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  • Techy: IE8 incompatible list: What isn’t listed?

    Zdnet has just pointed me towards Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows Vista which lists all the websites IE 8 is known to have problems with: and it’s extensive (see this Zdnet list for a human-readable display). I did a quick search for most of the major sites and they all seem […]

  • Snippet: What Microsoft Can Learn About Retail from Apple and Best Buy

    Robert Scoble ( @scobleizer ) has an interesting post on FastCompany about What Microsoft Can Learn About Retail from Apple and Best Buy and there’s quite a few pointers there.

  • Back To The Keynote… with Christopher Lloyd

    Looking at this, this promo was for one of Microsoft’s Tech Ed events in 2007: how it’s failed to come to my attention to now is unknown. Featuring Christopher “Judge DoomDr. Emmett Brown” Lloyd, a certain Delorean, flux capacitor and Acme Inc it’s a good fun 10 minutes… Now only if Microsoft used something like […]

  • B0rken eBay Express

    I was just poking around eBay earlier and I came across mention of “eBayExpress” and thought it’ll be interesting to sign up. So I tried to – but hit a load of debug information. Interesting stuff: eBay Express appears to run in PHP (as can be confirmed in the URL), but it runs on Microsoft […]

  • Fun: Bill Gates’ Last Day At Microsoft

    From via Devtopics is Bill Gates’ Farewell speech at CES 2008 – and until this point, I never knew he had a sense of humour. Featuring “Billy G”, Monkey Boy, Clinton and Obama, Spielberg, Bono and a host of other big names this Youtube video is quite funny.