Month: October 2003

  • Snippet: Microsoft Frontpage 2003

    As much as my hatred of Microsoft Frontpage is known, I must admit I’m seriously thinking about MS Frontpage 2003 amazoncom:B0000AZJV8 . Why? Well until now the “horrible code” it produced and the very templated look of the sites (I can usually tell within seconds if it’s a Frontpage site) has put me off even […]

  • Spam: Telephone Soliciting II

    Further to a telephone call I received (along with some of you) on the 16th of September, I have just received the following letter from ICSTIS (the regulatory of premium rate telephone numbers in the UK) which basically states the company has been fined £10,000 and barred access to “The Prize Warehouse”‘s service for twelve […]

  • Work: Job Offers

    Wow. Even though I’m currently in full time employment (and actually just had a pay rise), I’ve had a number of job offers in the last 5 days. £20,000, £24,000 and the last one is £26,000 (oh, and there was also the “1 week contract for £1,000” telephone call). People want me and it’s nice […]

  • Techy: Standardised WHOIS records

    Can somebody please point me in the direction where I can either get a Perl, PHP or C/C++ module/script that will handle at least 90% of all TLD’s (top level domains) and registrars and be able to parse out “discreet” data records (such as the registrant’s address or the expiry date). I’ve come across Perl’s […]

  • Snippet: And whilst on the drunkard ramblings front…

    Those Natwest adverts on TV are really getting to me now. Why? Well, the way they advertise “You can contact your local branch” and “You can speak to your own business manager” – erm, aren’t all account details stored in a central computer location which can be accessed via all branches: therefore making it a […]