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October 22nd, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Wow. Even though I’m currently in full time employment (and actually just had a pay rise), I’ve had a number of job offers in the last 5 days. £20,000, £24,000 and the last one is £26,000 (oh, and there was also the “1 week contract for £1,000” telephone call). People want me and it’s nice to feel wanted 😉

However, I like it in my current position: it’s near to home (around 30 minutes walk – others are in London and Kent: if one was in Leicester or in a certain town in the South West I might have to think about it), the staff are nice (even my new biatch – don’t ask, but I’m sure a couple of lurkers here know what I mean by that 😉 ), and it’s doing what I enjoy. Of course, the job offers are relate to what I enjoy doing AND are much more money (nearly double what I’m currently on) but.. but…

I’m sticking where I am for the time being (although my boss does know in around 6 years I’ll be looking for another job OR if I make several millions a month from self-employment), but I can’t deny the offers are very tempted. I just want to know why in 6 months unemployment I didn’t receive a single offer from these companies *grr*.

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