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Techy: Standardised WHOIS records

Can somebody please point me in the direction where I can either get a Perl, PHP or C/C++ module/script that will handle at least 90% of all TLD’s (top level domains) and registrars and be able to parse out “discreet” data records (such as the registrant’s address or the expiry date).

I’ve come across Perl’s Net::ParseWhois (no longer being maintained AFAIK) which only supports around 50% of the .com and .net registries and Net::Whois which supports .edu, .net and .com domains and even those not very well. I’ve also tried Geektools WP Whois Proxy scripts: but that doesn’t parse the data (plus it seems extremely slow for what it does do).

I don’t have to write handlers for 134+ registrars do I? Surly someone else has done this before me and somebody reading this blog knows how/where to get access to the script/data… Please….

If only all the registrars had agreeded on a standardised WHOIS record format *sigh*


  1. rob rob

    If you end up finding a perl/php script that does this can you let me know as it would be very handy 🙂

  2. Rob Rob

    I have now coded a script that does this (well, 90% of it).

    Give me a shout if its still needed!


  3. Chris Chris

    Hi all,

    Once you have the feedback from the domain server… how do you get the Country Code? VisualRoute seems to do this very successfully, although it still uses WHOAMI records and has no geo database of its own.

    Any idea how to extract a country code?



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