Guess That Movie: Coming Soon….

November 3rd, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Question MarkComing soon to a web site near you – the next round of Guess That Movie…

Yes – after lawrie correctly recognised Guess That Movie 70: Scream III, the next round of Guess That Movie is nearly ready. I was hoping to have it ready today, but machine slowness prevents me from playing a movie to grab a screenshot. But what I’ll do tomorrow evening (promise!) is preload a dozen or so images and try and set them on a timer system so if my workload stays high (which it looks like it will for at least the next couple of weeks), then at least the next round of Guess That Movie will be available.

So until tomorrow – try and recognising what product this TV advertisement was advertising (25 points for the brand, 25 additional points for the product): “Do me a favour, plug me ….”.

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  1. Is the brand Sega and the product Sega Master System?

  2. lawrie says:

    goddamnit, kymberlie beat me to it. “do me a favour; plug me into a sega” for the sega master system. i had one. an original, not a shitty master system 2, which was to the master system what a bmw ‘mini’ is to my shiny red classic mini cooper.

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