Month: January 2004

  • Personal: Feels like strange 48hours coming up…

    Well, it feels like I’m going to have a very strange 48 hours in my life shortly. It started today really – I had quite a bit of work to do at the office, yet hardly managed to get a thing done: it didn’t help with my boss having to work from home because of […]

  • Personal: WTMS, Speed Dating and Birmingham

    Well, last Friday I went to a “speed-dating” event held by When The Music Stops in Nottingham. For those of you how aren’t familiar with the concept of speed-dating, basically what happens is that you are are all given a number (no “Prisoner” references please 😉 ) and all the women sit down at numbered […]

  • Techy: Checklist for New Machine

    Software checklist for setting up a new Windows machine: Apache PHP Win32 Perl (installed to c:/usr/bin/perl ) UnixUtils MySQL IESpell And all necessary Windows updates, firewall and anti-virus software (of course!)

  • Blogging: Spam Attack

    I’ve just had 72 spam comments submitted to this blog, but running the following query through phpMyAdmin: DELETE FROM mt_comment WHERE comment_email=’’ OR comment_author=’viagra’ OR comment_ip=’′; and then putting an IP block on 66.36.249.* and adding various checks to /lib/MT/App/ means that this idiot shouldn’t be able to easily spam me again.

  • Search Engines: No Index Sections?

    A fellow blogger has suggested that a tag be introduced which would stop search engines such as Google from indexing certain sections of web pages. This would be extremely handy for all the blog comment spam which is currently going around (I’m personally using a combination of IP blocking [like Neil] and modification of /lib/MT/App/ […]