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Blogging: Spam Attack

Last updated on December 10, 2008

I’ve just had 72 spam comments submitted to this blog, but running the following query through phpMyAdmin:

DELETE FROM mt_comment WHERE comment_email=’’ OR comment_author=’viagra’ OR comment_ip=’′;

and then putting an IP block on 66.36.249.* and adding various checks to /lib/MT/App/ means that this idiot shouldn’t be able to easily spam me again.


  1. rav rav

    they might be using this:

    also you can install the mt-blacklist to get rid of spammers.

  2. Movable Type comment spam is getting big and annoying. My site is not popular enough yet so I have not been hit that hard.

    Definitely look into mt-blacklist. v 2.0 is in development and it will some have P2P features.

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