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Personal: Leicester Speed Dating and University

Last updated on October 9, 2008

Well, I’ve just got the results of last nights Speed Dating event (with When The Music Stops) which was held in Leicester and for the first time I was really disappointed. No matches! (previously, I’ve had 1, 1, 2 matches in that order). But saying that, there weren’t really that many people at the Marz Bar (where the speed dating event was held) – only 9 of each gender were there: normally it’s more like 15. But saying that, I’m going to the event at Via Fossa in Nottingham tomorrow where I know I’m going to be meeting up with 2 ladies (as we’re just getting on swell as friends and keep meeting at the events) so I’m not too disappointed.

What I am slightly disappointed about though, is despite my best efforts it seems that things with the girl I matched with friend-wise on the first speed date event have gone t-ts up. Things just don’t seem to have worked out between us – whether it’s because she lives around 35 miles away (on the other side of the East Midlands area of the UK), or if we are both lacking too much in confidence or if we don’t have enough in common or…. I dunno. Oh well – such is life. I just wished she had let me know before I had brought the train ticket to Derby (where we were going to meet on Sunday). I still might go as there’s another Speed Date event there on Sunday and I’m “fully paid up” to go to as many events as I want for the next 3 months (cost me £100!).

I actually got her text message when I was at an Open University tutorial meeting in Leicester: basically, I’m studying for a BSc Honors in Computer Science and Mathematics (or something like that) and we just had a tutor-group “getting to know each other” session. Last 2 hours, but it was enjoyable and at least we were able to put names to faces.

I just hope that I’m not over-stretching myself too much. As it is, I’m finishing work late (we’re expanding very rapidly at the moment: we’ve got two new services practically ready to launch, we’re in the process of getting much larger premises AND yet another member of staff!), getting home, reading my OU course materials and practically going straight to sleep (after watching either Max Headroom or an episode of MST3K/Mystery Science Theatre 3000). Not had much time to update any websites, blogs or anything like that – although…Hmm, I’ll have to see if I can do some updates this weekend: hopefully with some pictures and hopefully give the Guess That Movie Competition a kickstart back into life.


  1. Your degree sounds a bit like mine :). Admittedly mine is probably somewhat less mathematical, but if you need any help, just ask :).

  2. Kirsty Kirsty

    Dear Damian,

    During my research I came across your website and thought you may be interested in the series I am currently working on.

    We are making a series of 6 observational documentaries looking at the relationship between young adults (25-40) and their parents. The show will examine the differences between the two generations in world view, life experiences, life styles, expectations and everyday life.

    The programme has an exciting new format in which parents go back to live with their grown up children in order to reopen the lines of communication and develop a level of understanding between their difference of lifestyles and choices. It sets out to reopen the lines of communication and allow a family to gain insight into the minds of their different generations.

    If this sounds as though it may interest you I would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Many thanks and take care

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