Diet: Fri 20th Feb

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Allowed amounts (Guideline Daily Amounts):
2,500 calories
95g fat
7g salt

Amount eaten:
1xTesco Ultra Slim Meal Replacement Drink (225 cals, 3g fat, 0.2g salt)
2xTesco HealthyLiving Carrot + Orange Cake Slices (total: 160 cals, 1.6g fat, 0.1g salt)
1xTesco HealthyLiving Italian Spaghetti Bolognese (326 cals, 8.8g fat, 2.1g salt)
2xMedium Bananas (total: 212 cals, 2g fat)
2xInstant Black Coffees
1xSmall cone of Chips (approx 578 cals, 31.1g fat) [figures from Calorie Count]
1xSmall Ham and Pineapple Pizza (approx 1470 cals, 42.8g fat) [based on Pizza with Cheese, Meat and Vetetables]
2xpints Diet Coke Coca-cola (14 cals, 0g fat)

Measurable levels:
2,985 calories, 89.3g fat, 2.4g salt

Aargh – avoid take away chips and pizzas!

Speed Dating in Nottingham – does talking to 16 different women for around 6 minutes each count? Probably not…

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