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Diet: Sun 22 Feb

Allowed amounts (Guideline Daily Amounts):
2,500 calories
95g fat
7g salt

Amount eaten:
3xWeetabix Biscuits with milk (approx 192calories/1.5g fat)
1xIceland Good Choice Garlic Baguette (488 calories/12g fat/2.7g salt)
1xTesco HealthyLiving Chicken Salsa Pizza (418 calories/5.5g fat/1.5g salt)
3 Pancakes consisting of:
Greens Batter Mix (296 calories/9g fat)
1xMedium Fresh Free Range Egg (73.5 calories, 5.4g fat, 0.2g salt)
4 teaspoons sugar (64 calories)

Measurable Levels:
1,531.5 calories, 33.4g fat, 4.4g salt

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  1. Great! My own dieting has been quite surprising in results; here’s hoping yours are, as well.

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