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Month: February 2004

Diet: Wed 18th Feb

Allowed amounts (Guideline Daily Amounts): 2,500 calories 95g fat 7g salt Amount eaten: 2xTesco Ultra Slim Meal Replacement Drinks (225 cals, 3g fat, 0.2g salt) 1xTesco HealthyLiving Italian Ham and Mushroom Tagilatelle (337 cals, 6.8g fat, 1.9g salt) with a little bit of Parmasen cheese and Worcestershire sauce 3xblack coffees without sugar 1 Banana 1 ltr of water 0.5pint Semi-skinned Milk Measurable levels: 562calories, 9.8g fat, 2.1g salt Guesttimated levels: 600calories (less than a quarter), 12g fat (much less than a quarter), 3g salt (nearly half)

Personal: Speed Dating in Derby

This is going to be a short post: Why? Well, I’m pecking this entry on a SonyEricsson P800 phone, standing up on a crowded Midland Mainline train on the way to yet another Speed Dating event-this time in Derby (around 30 to 90 minutes on the train depending on the route). Just hope I have better luck than the last two times when I had no matches at all! Whether I’ve just been getting overconfident or something, I dunno.

Personal: Leicester Speed Dating and University

Well, I’ve just got the results of last nights Speed Dating event (with When The Music Stops) which was held in Leicester and for the first time I was really disappointed. No matches! (previously, I’ve had 1, 1, 2 matches in that order). But saying that, there weren’t really that many people at the Marz Bar (where the speed dating event was held) – only 9 of each gender were there: normally it’s more like 15. But saying that, I’m going to the event at Via Fossa in Nottingham tomorrow where I know I’m going to be meeting up with 2 ladies (as we’re just getting on swell as friends and keep meeting at the events) so I’m not too disappointed.

What I am slightly disappointed about though, is despite my best efforts it seems that things with the girl I matched with friend-wise on the first speed date event have gone t-ts up. Things just don’t seem to have worked out between us – whether it’s because she lives around 35 miles away (on the other side of the East Midlands area of the UK), or if we are both lacking too much in confidence or if we don’t have enough in common or…. I dunno. Oh well – such is life. I just wished she had let me know before I had brought the train ticket to Derby (where we were going to meet on Sunday). I still might go as there’s another Speed Date event there on Sunday and I’m “fully paid up” to go to as many events as I want for the next 3 months (cost me £100!).