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Techy: Really cheap International Calls

Ok – now phone prices are getting silly. Using a service I found two days ago called Telediscount, my parents can call me when I’m in holiday in Japan at a cheaper rate (1p per minute) than when I’m only 12miles away from them in the UK (around 2-5p per minute.

It was bad enough that I can now could call the States for 10p per minute via Komtel, but with Telediscount – 1p per minute?!?

Somebody please explain to me how it can be cheaper to make a transatlantic international phone call than it is to call the house next door? (NTL charge me a minimum of 1p per minute off peak, 2p on peak for local calls – US calls via Telediscount’s 0844 8 610 610 number are 1p per minute at ALL times!). And, no, you don’t need to “sign up” to telediscount or anything – just start calling.

Scary innit!

Oh – it gets better, using their 0911 50 101 50 “Premium rate” number (15p per minute) – I can call UK mobile numbers at, I believe, less then the rate the mobile phone operators charge the network(s) for terminating call charges.

Cheap telephone (phone) calls ahoy!


  1. Ed Ed

    This web site is offering a new service along these lines. By dialing their phone numbers they make international calls as cheap as national ones.
    It is a great service – it save me money on all my calls home.

  2. Martina Martina

    Hi guys, I have been using CHIC for ages especially 0911 50 101 50, it is suppose to cost me 15p/min..but my last month bill was charged in completely different rates on this number and I don’t understand it at all..for example 1min and 30 sec costs me £3.50 and if I call two min later the same time costs me 1.05 I’m confused……………..What is going on?What can I do about it?

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