Month: May 2004

  • Games: Grow

    Ok, by looks of things in Grow from Eyezmaze you are meant to “grow” your own little planet by adding certain items in a certain order so they trigger events… Easy? Except you’ve got to work out the order that things trigger other things and if you don’t have an item at a certain level […]

  • Techy: Really cheap International Calls

    Ok – now phone prices are getting silly. Using a service I found two days ago called Telediscount, my parents can call me when I’m in holiday in Japan at a cheaper rate (1p per minute) than when I’m only 12miles away from them in the UK (around 2-5p per minute. It was bad enough […]

  • Fun: Funny and Yuck-Funny has quite a few funny “out of content” quotes taken from various IRC chats – but if you want “yuck-funny”, then have a gander at this collection of crap stories from b3ta

  • Holiday: Books to buy

    I’m thinking of taking a holiday sometime in August or September and it’s just deciding which books to buy… I’ll leave you to guess where I’m going (hopefully) by the book list: any comments on the choice of books or areas to visit would be appreciated 😉 Lonely Planet Tokyo (Travel Guide) – Chris Rowthorn […]