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May 9th, 2004 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

I’m thinking of taking a holiday sometime in August or September and it’s just deciding which books to buy… I’ll leave you to guess where I’m going (hopefully) by the book list: any comments on the choice of books or areas to visit would be appreciated 😉

Lonely Planet Tokyo (Travel Guide) – Chris Rowthorn – £6.99 [Order from]
Lonely Planet Japan (Travel Guides) – Chris Taylor, John Ashbourne (Editor), Andrew Bender (Editor), David Atkinson (Editor) – £11.89 [Order from]/
Lonely Planet : Japanese Phrasebook – Kevin Chambers, Wesley Palmer, Yoshi Abe (Editor) – £4.50 [Order from]
The Rough Guide to Tokyo (Miniguides S.) – Jan Dodd, Simon Richmond – £5.59 [Order from]
Japan: The Rough Guide (Rough Guides) – Simon Richmond, Jan Dodd – £10.49 [Order from]

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