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  • YouTube: Japanese Queen

    In another shameless Japanese-orientated post stealing from Accordion Guy, here’s a Queen Medley (entitled “Joousama Monogatari” by the Japanese group Joousama): In order, the songs (if you don’t recognise them) are: Bohemian Rhapsody Bicycle Race Killer Queen Flash Gordon We Will Rock You Another One Bites the Dust A Crazy Little Thing Called Love We […]

  • Japan Bike Storage

    As you may be aware, I quite like things from Japan and it’ll come as no great suprise then that I follow Danny Choo (@dannychoo) and Neil Duckett (@Neil_Duckett) quite a bit (as they are major Gaijin bloggers in Japan) and it was therefore with fun I found Danny’s post about Bike Storage In Japan. […]

  • YouTube: McDonalds Adverts In Japan

    A few years ago, I went to Japan (flying Lufthansa, booked via Expedia) and a couple of days I went into the McDonalds there and it was quite different. First of all: you put your money in a tray and the cashier picked it up from the tray, secondly they allowed smoking inside and thirdly […]

  • Fun: Human Japanese Tetris

    I’ve just been told off by my other half for laughing too much at a Human version of an inverted “Tetris” style game. Basically, shapes arrive and the Japanese contestants just have to make their body fit the holes. Sounds simple – until you see some of the shapes! Source: Richard and Beth who found […]

  • Fun Video: Japanese Human Art

    Brilliant “slow-motion”/”Matrixesque” live action video – I love the bit where it goes in reverse! I wonder how long it took to rehearse.