News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident

March 5th, 2005 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

There’s just been Road Traffic Accident outside my house, and from what I can tell a neighbour was driving down the hill getting ready to park whilst another car (possibly driven by a under-25 male: can’t confirm this though) came up the hill driving quite rapidly in a dark blue car.

When I tried to call 999, my phone kept cutting out (even though my computer is right next to my bedroom window and the accident happened just outside, there were already people on the scene by the time I looked out) – but after around 8 minutes, 3 fire-engines, 1 paramedic car , 1 ambulance and 1 police car arrived (all that I could see).

Apart from the two main vehicles (the dark blue one is a total write off as it “flipped over” onto its roof), one other vehicle was slightly damaged on the side.

Murphy’s law dictated that my main camera was out of batteries and I didn’t find any more until the fire bridge had nearly finished right-siding the car (they are just cleaning the road as I type): but pictures are in the main entry below.


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