Techy: Spare hard drives for sale + Backup solution needed

March 6th, 2005 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

I’ve now got two spare hard drives “for sale” (for sale in quotes as I’ve got no idea what second hand hard drives are selling for) – perfect working order: I just had to replace the 120Gb and 40Gb drives with 2×20)Gb as I needed even more storage capacity. My main machine now has 3x200Gb HD’s in it (600Gb) and a 60Gb drive (that’s the machine’s original hard drive with Windows XP on it etc etc). Poor Zaphod is still powered down as it’s main boot hard drive (with RedHat Fedora OS on it) has failed and I’ve still got to hook a monitor to it to access it’s 400Gb RAID0 configuration and 200Gb additional drive.

Woh! That’s 1,200Gb (1.2 Tb) of “on demand live storage” I have. By June, I will definitely need to purchase some sort of backup solution – but has any body got any recommendations? I’m looking to have around 2Tb (2,000Gb) of on-demand storage by that time, so I’m looking for at least 3Tb backup space. DVDs and CDs just won’t cut it (given a DVD can store around 8Gb, I’ll need 375 DVDs and 5,000 CDs would just be silly).

So – anybody got any recommendations for a good 3Tb backup solution?

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