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September 6th, 2006 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Yesterday, at the end of a 2 hour driving lesson, I think I left my mobile phone in my driving instructors car. Unfortently, it hasn’t yet “turned up” so I’ve had to report it lost to my mobile phone network – o2. And I was very impressed with their service:

  • Only two menus deep with their automated system (press “0” for anything else or lost phone, press 1 to report a phone lost/stolen)
  • UK call center with very fast answering
  • Simple authentication steps (well, if I could remember when I last topped up my phone)

But the most impressive thing? They are willing to send out FREE of charge, and within 48 hours, a brand new SIM card with the same mobile number AND my credit transferred over. This is a on a “pay as you go” service.

This compares with around 4 menus deep, slow answering Orange (I think I was “on hold” for over 30 minutes) who I had a contracted phone with – plus they wanted to charge me £25 for a new Sim card that would take 14 days to be sent out.

So in summary:
O2 – I had no commitment to them. They were willing to send out quick and for free a new SIM card. My monthly spend with them is £15.
Orange – I had a rolling contract with them (for nearly 3 years). I had a monthly spend of around £25. They were going to charge me for a new SIM card.

So if you ever think of losing your phone (including the number of your driving instructor who /may/ actually have the phone!) – then go with o2!

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