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cPanel: cPanel 11 and WebDav

May 14th, 2007

As some of you may be aware, the new version of cPanel (version 11) now supports a technology called “WebDav” (known as “Web Disks” within cPanel).

Basically this allows you to setup your cPanel web hosting account as an additional drive on your machine – making the uploading and publishing of files a lot easier.

However, server administrators will first need to enable the TCP ports 2077 and 2078 in and outbound for this to work correctly (don’t forget to restart/reload the firewall). Once that’s done, your customers should be able to login to their cPanel control panel and either select the new fancy “Getting Started” wizard or “Web Disks->Access Web Disk” to setup a link.

Using cPanel’s handy “Auto configuration” tool is useful – but you may hit the same problem I did when I downloaded the installer .vbs file to my Windows XP machine via Firefox. Attempting to open the file came up with the error “Windows Script Host access is disabled on this machine. Contact your administrator for details”. Needless to say – I am the administrator and if I’ve disabled something like that in the past, it’s probably for a very good reason!

So – how can we manually configure cPanel’s WebDav uploading tool manually if the automatic method fails?….
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Joke: Cheese Grater Slide For Kids

May 14th, 2007

Cheese Grater Slide for KidsIf you’ve got a dislike for kids or just think that the ones you’ve got are getting in the way – well, how about letting them dispose of themselves with the New Cheese Grater Slide For Kids® – available at all good play grounds 😉

Disclaimer: Of course, I am totally against making the end of a slide a cheese grater. Imagine the poor sick and/or nutty kids which could get grated on it. Some poor unpaid cleaner will have to clean up their mess – yuck!

Net: The Stargate in Lego

May 14th, 2007

Lego StargateThis is extremely impressive. Kelly McKiernan has made the Stargate totally out of Legos. It’s 19 inches tall, rotates, and has light up cheverons.

To think, when I was younger I thought it was impressive when I made simple things that moved in Lego – this is just taking things to a whole new level. But, saying that, I never spent longer than 3 weeks – let alone 3 months! – building a single item.

I know some people really enjoy Stargate and Stargate Atlantis – but I’ve never really sat down and watched an episode yet, but I’m sure I’ll be made to soon…

Found via Dave’s Chalkboard.

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