Joke: Cheese Grater Slide For Kids

May 14th, 2007 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Cheese Grater Slide for KidsIf you’ve got a dislike for kids or just think that the ones you’ve got are getting in the way – well, how about letting them dispose of themselves with the New Cheese Grater Slide For Kids® – available at all good play grounds 😉

Disclaimer: Of course, I am totally against making the end of a slide a cheese grater. Imagine the poor sick and/or nutty kids which could get grated on it. Some poor unpaid cleaner will have to clean up their mess – yuck!

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  1. shorty says:

    BAAHHHH! That is too funny

  2. notgunny says:

    thats not funny, really..

  3. Maria says:

    this isnt funny.
    quite pathetic

  4. suzie b. says:

    wat the heck? this better b a joke..i mean, that kid is going right toward it!

  5. mizz dell babii3..xx says:

    this is sooo not funny and it is sick i mean how ware a kid yew wouldnt like it if we did that to yew that is mad ewww plus kids arnt cheese who ever made this has a cheese brain and clearly has no heart sorry if ths is long xx

  6. sweety pie says:

    errr ya sick this is totally mad I THINK YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS OFF!!!!!!!!!

  7. funny lad says:

    oioi way aye man this is funny sick but funny haha lmao

  8. Sophie says:

    hahahahahaha loooooll.

  9. Some Guy says:

    That is not funny, it is sick and cruel how could you?

  10. Some Guy says:


  11. Crystina says:

    OMG you guys!! You have no sense of humor!!!! I have children and love them and this is still hillarious!!!

  12. michel says:

    that is so cool!!

  13. aliceinacidland says:

    I think this is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen on the internet!

    You morons, you actually think someone would make a cheese grater out of a slide?

  14. Karl says:

    this is fake, so why are all the nspcc do-gooders surfacing? lol its funny as tho

  15. Cheese lover 9723460826 says:

    I love cheese more than children and i still think that this is sick HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Children dont even taste nice! Old men do though. kthx.

  16. jez north says:

    mmm, child zest.

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