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Techy Fun: Now, that’s helpful!

As I’m in the process of slowing shutting down other sites I’ve worked on (due to time constraints), I’m reposting them here. Here’s an article from “Behind The Frontline” which was going to be a cross between I Work With Fools, Worse Than Failure and Dilbert.

Category: More Information, Please!. Author: Myself.

Speaking to a customer today who had a problem, I asked him which email program he used.

The “helpful” reply?

“What I normally use!”

I’m not kidding! I’m at the other end of phone line trying to diagnose a problem and now I’ve got to fathom out which email program from at least a dozen popular ones he just happens to be using.

The best bit is still to come.

When I asked him how long ago he last tried checking his email he replied:”Two days ago”.

I just told him to try it now, and guess what, his email downloaded. I still don’t know what his “normal” program is.

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