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Contracting: Introduction

As I’m in the process of leaving full time permanent employment to become an outcast (also known as an IT Contractor), I thought I’d jot down important information/costs/stages as blog entries for anybody else thinking of taking the giant leap into the unknown in the future.

I’ll say from this point, this “series” (of unknown length), will be based on own personal experience and as I’m writing this (and as I’ll write more posts), I won’t know if these experiences lead to positive outcomes making me millions and billions of pounds (mwahaha!) or if they are brain-dumbing stupid decisions which lead to me becoming homeless. Nothing in these posts (or in this blog generally) is intended to act as legal and/or financial advice of any sort. It’s your responsibility to do your own research and take responsibility for your own actions – if in doubt, consult an accountant or solicitor who you are paying for to act for you and provide you with advice!

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