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Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has, for around the last year or so, been busy reviewing games under the “Zero Punctuation” monkier for The Escapist. Why that name? Well, he’s a Brit living in Oz and his video reviews have, erm, not a lot of punctuation in them. They are funny, not kid safe, good animation style and they give you a good insight into the games and and…. Meh – it’s nearly 3am in the morning and I just wanted to make a note of the URL so I didn’t have to ask ickle Google every time. It’s There. Job Done. That was nice and simple! 🙂 [And, yes, I just managed to stop myself writing this post in his manner of speaking: it was bad enough when I was reading a review of Mirrors Edge and I read it as he reviewed it]

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