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Net: Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation’s reviews

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has, for around the last year or so, been busy reviewing games under the “Zero Punctuation” monkier for The Escapist. Why that name? Well, he’s a Brit living in Oz and his video reviews have, erm, not a lot of punctuation in them. They are funny, not kid safe, good animation style and they give you a good insight into the games and and…. Meh – it’s nearly 3am in the morning and I just wanted to make a note of the URL so I didn’t have to ask ickle Google every time. It’s There. Job Done. That was nice and simple! 🙂 [And, yes, I just managed to stop myself writing this post in his manner of speaking: it was bad enough when I was reading a review of Mirrors Edge and I read it as he reviewed it]