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Net: Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation’s reviews

December 30th, 2008

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has, for around the last year or so, been busy reviewing games under the “Zero Punctuation” monkier for The Escapist. Why that name? Well, he’s a Brit living in Oz and his video reviews have, erm, not a lot of punctuation in them. They are funny, not kid safe, good animation style and they give you a good insight into the games and and…. Meh – it’s nearly 3am in the morning and I just wanted to make a note of the URL so I didn’t have to ask ickle Google every time. It’s There. Job Done. That was nice and simple! 🙂 [And, yes, I just managed to stop myself writing this post in his manner of speaking: it was bad enough when I was reading a review of Mirrors Edge and I read it as he reviewed it]

Facebook: Copyrighted Content

December 23rd, 2008

I’ve just answered a post on LinkedIn where somebody asked (in the “Casual Games” discussion group):

“There is a hacked flash version of one of our games listed as an application at facebook. I could not find any real support contact information at the facebook website. Just FAQs and canned responses. Do you know anybody working at facebook whom I could contact in this matter? Thank you!”

As I think this may be an issue I’ll have to look at in the future, I’m copying my reply here:

You’ll probably be best sending them a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request as detailed on and their form on . (See also )

As long as you provide the full details requested (including detailing the exact URL the content can be found: “A page on your site…” isn’t detailed enough to be an official request). Basically, if the DMCA is sent and is correctly detailed (see ), then Facebook may then become liable for any penalties for copyright breaches from 14 working days from that point (as, by notifying them via a DMCA complaint, they then lose the “safe harbour” provision for user generated content).

If the content is hosted by a third party (which may be difficult to tell if it is integrated using the FBML canvas frame method: if it’s integrated via an iFrame, it should be easier to tell: if you want assistance, feel free to contact me with the page on Facebook and I’ll try to help), then you can also contact the third party webhost/ISP for assistance.

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