iPhone: Jail broke, now what?

March 9th, 2009 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

By following the very simple guide on Gizmodo on jail breaking by Apple iPhone using QuickPwn on Windows (combined with the list of IPSW firmware for the iPhone 3G from Hackint0sh), I now have a fully jail broken Apple iPhone with Cydia and Installer.

The jail breaking was extremely simple and afterwards, all my data and media remained in tack, however I’m now thinking “Why did I bother?”. Ok, I’ve managed to find a “turn-by-turn” navigational GPS system with speech (xGPS on Cydia) and it’s tempting to use it as a modem (however, now I’ve finished moving house, there is now very little need for me to have this functionality:hence I haven’t even bothered doing that yet).

So, have you Jail Broken your apple iPhone and if so why, how and which apps have you found worth while? At the moment, when Apple release the next iPhone firmware update via iTunes, I’m not going to bother re-jailbreaking…

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