Month: December 2009

  • PHP Profilers – A Quick summary

    More an aid to memory then anything, here’s the PHP profilers I’ve recently heard about: XDebug by Derick Rethans The oldest and most well known profiler. Needs modification of the server’s PHP file to run. Compatible with KCachegrind/WinCacheGrind, MacCallGrind and Webgrind and remote debugging tools. Produces quite large debug files (typically 900Kb to 10Mb compare […]

  • Snippet: Predicted Caffeine Intake

    Today I’m probably going to be consuming: 2x Mars Mochachino Hazlenut coffees (caffeine value unknown – one already drunk) 1x Mana Health Potion (160milligrams of caffeine) 1x Bawls G33k B33r (64milligrams of caffeine 1x Cherry Lucozade (46milligrams of caffeine) At least 1 cup of tea Total: At least 270milligrams Why? Well, just to try and […]

  • Web: Bad eset emails

    Just tried to signup for a trial of the eset antivirus from and received the following useful emails…. After trying a second time, I just went to and downloaded the 64bit antivirus software without having to register… Here’s the email: Subject:ESET NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition – Trial Licence Layout[‘Header’] Content[‘Generic-TrialIntroduction’] Content[‘Generic-TrialLicenceInformation’] Content[‘ENAHE-Instructions’] Content[‘ENAHE-SystemRequirements’] […]