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Web: Bad eset emails

Just tried to signup for a trial of the eset antivirus from and received the following useful emails…. After trying a second time, I just went to and downloaded the 64bit antivirus software without having to register…

Here’s the email:

Subject:ESET NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition – Trial Licence
Layout[‘Header’] Content[‘Generic-TrialIntroduction’]



Content[‘ENAHE-SystemRequirements’] Info[‘CustomerSupport’]
Info[‘awards’] Layout[‘Footer’]

Yep, useful!


  1. Never heard of that anti virus before. I personally use Mcafee but when it comes to renewing it my PC gets all slow, as soon as i do renew my PC runs fine again, weird. AVG is possibly the best, i have that installed on my brothers PC. I might try the trial of Eset when my Mcafee expires but i will uninstalling it before it gets too close to renewing.

    • My experience is McAfee and Symantec tend to be the slower anti-virus software, AVG used to be brilliant and I did in fact pay for a few machines but AVG 8 started getting slow and bloated (especially with the “LinkChecker” system which checked every result on a search engine web page before you even decided to go to it) and AVG 9 not improving, meant I started looking for a new anti-virus. Eset does seem to be nice and simple (it is an antivirus software and that’s it), doesn’t seem to slow my machine down and does actually /appear/ to be slightly better than AVG (it’s thrown up a few warnings about content on web pages – javascript based viruses – whereas I cannot remember AVG doing so).

      I haven’t yet made up my mind to pay for Eset though, I am still considering ClamAV (aka WinClam) as it’s totally free and open source (and, in fact, runs on my server so my emails are filtered by it) – but it doesn’t do “on the fly scanning”…

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