Personal: Oh – goody, the third thing has failed.

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This December, we’ve had two things fail on us:
* The Hard Drive in my wife’s mid-2010 27″ iMac. She purchased it on the 10th of December 2010, and it failed around the 15th of December this year. Just outside the EU 2-year warranty (but would have been within the 3 year AppleCare coverage if she had gone for that). Now we’re having to see if it is worth her just replacing the hard drive manually, taking it into an Apple shop to be replaced or taking it into an Apple shop for a new hard drive and a secondary/new SSD drive (this isn’t something either of us feel safe adding ourselves as we’ll need to practically remove all of the iMac in order to insert it).
* Our hot water tank has burst (night of Saturday 29th). Unfortunately, British Gas no longer hold parts themselves (well, small parts are held in a warehouse in Leicester), so we’re having to wait until Thursday the 3rd of January for it to be repaired (as the earliest “the local hot water cylinder supplier is open is the 2nd for us to be able to order it”). At least we’ve got heating until then, just no hot water (annoyingly, we’ve got a wood-burning fire, a portable electric radiator and two halogen heaters: so we could have coped without heating, but we’ve not absolutely no access to hot water 🙁 ).

and so we were just waiting for the third thing.

And it’s happened, a 1Tb drive (a Western Digital WD10EAVS-00D “green drive”) has failed in my offices’s Drobo NAS. Luckily, the three other drives are keeping it running in a degraded state, but it needs to be replaced ASAP. I’m considering getting a Western Digital 2TB 3.5inch SATA6 Internal Hard Drive – Red as a replacement, but that’s £90 I hadn’t budgeted on spending. Dammit!

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