Month: December 2012

  • Personal: Oh – goody, the third thing has failed.

    This December, we’ve had two things fail on us: * The Hard Drive in my wife’s mid-2010 27″ iMac. She purchased it on the 10th of December 2010, and it failed around the 15th of December this year. Just outside the EU 2-year warranty (but would have been within the 3 year AppleCare coverage if […]

  • Raspberry Pi and RISC OS

    For Christmas, my lovely new wife got me a Raspberry Pi Model B from RS Online and today I powered it up. I decided to go with RISC OS for nostalgia reasons (download it from the Raspberry Pi site) which I then copied using Linux Mint using “sudo dd if=~/Desktop/ro519-rc6-1876M.img of=/dev/sdc1” to a Kodak 4Gb […]

  • Who was in Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings

    After watching “Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings” last night, I wondered how many actors had been in Doctor Who, Eastenders and Coronation Street (three extremely popular UK TV shows) and therefore, being the geek I am, decided to find out. It turns out (according to the IMDB and a Google Spreadsheet: where the formula […]

  • Lots of post from Halifax

    I’ve just closed my ISA Investor with Halifax (well, now it’s HBOS Investment Fund Managers Limited) as I’ve been unhappy with their service since the Lloyds TSB takeover (who I actually left, after 25 years, about 6 years ago as I was unhappy with their deteriorating service!). So Halifax/HBOS sent me “contract note[s] for the […]

  • Techy: rSync and scp over different ports

    If you want to copy a file over scp using a different port number than usual, the syntax is: Assume 1234 is the port number scp -P 1234 user@remotehost:/folder/file.txt . And if you want to do the same in rsync over SSH, then the syntax is: rsync -av –progress -e “ssh -p 1234” user@remotehost:/folder/file.txt . […]