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Bug Report: [WontFix] “Market providers” errors when cPanel store disabled by license holder

In an effort to prove to myself that I am actually trying to do work this last month, I’m making a note of all the bugs in 3rd party software I find.

Today is a bug reported to cPanel Inc on the 11th June 2022 under their tracking request ID 94455138 which caused a nasty looking error message (and big log dumps in log files) in their WHM interface of their cPanel control panel suite when certain sections were accessed.

Initial Bug Report

If a license holder has the cPStore disabled for whatever reason, when a server administrator goes to screens such as the “Market Provider Manager” in WHM they get red error such as

"API failure: (XID ryzk98) 1 error occurred: Error #1: “cPanel Store” indicated that the Market has been disabled by the license holder."

and a big Perl dump/log in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log (as evidence by at least )

Whilst I’ve figured out how to stop this by adding a dummy /var/cpanel/market/cpstore_products.cache file (as per that thread) , it’ll be so much better if the cPanel Market checked for the existence and contents of “/var/cpanel/market/cpmarket_config.json” before trying to fetch the products list instead of checking for the products list, failing and then recording that that store is disabled in /var/cpanel/market/ .

The workaround patch I provided as a comment on an over 2 year old forum thread said:

I know this is a very old thread, but I’ve just got annoyed at this myself. The solution (at least temporarily) is to create the file /var/cpanel/market/cpstore_products.cache with the following exact text (no linebreaks at all – not even at the start or end, so check the copy and pasting!):




Less than a day later, a cPanel technician said that:

Based on my research, this message is intended to display anytime this interface is accessed. 

Is this causing any issues aside from the logging and the error displayed? 

And I replied:

I wouldn’t say this is quite working as intended.

The red “API failure: (XID j748vn) 1 error occurred: Error #1: “cPanel Store” indicated that the Market has been disabled by the license holder.” warning in the top left of the Market Provider Manager is more indicative, to me, that there has been an unexpected error.

Whereas if it wasn’t show the warning and either not list the cPanel Store in the Market Provider Manager (as per my editing of the json file in that forum thread) or just list “cPanel Store – Disabled by licence holder” (similar to the way the “Manage External Authenticators” ) it’ll at least look a lot more user friendly.

But, no, apart from filling up log files and a unsuitable warning, there are no other issues regarding this that I am aware of.


The ticket was closed with:

I have filed an improvement suggestion for our developers to make the output when a license holder has the cPanel Store disabled in WHM -> Market Provider Manager more user friendly. The internal case ID for this is CPANEL-40895.
I unfortunately cannot say if or when this change might be implemented. We certainly appreciate your input and suggestion. 

Looks like a “Wontfix” situation to be (at least for the interim).

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