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Guess That Movie: XIII: The Goonies

January 24th, 2003

[Unlucky for some - round 13 of Guess That MovieI really thought the previous image was going to be extremely hard: it was just a chopping block and part of a womans dress… But that didn’t stop Super Beastmaster from correctly recognising it as the scene in Chicken Run [Order from] where Mrs.Tweedy is taking Edwina the chicken to be ‘executed’ near the start of the film. Of all the movies that have chopping blocks in them, how was this one so easy to guess? It was meant to be difficult!

I wonder if I’ll be as unlucky at making this image (as it’s round 13 of Guess That Movie) hard to guess. I nearly regretted my taunting of the guesses in the previous image, but lets see if you are as good as you make out! (All I know is that if the guessing continues at the rate, I’m soon going to have to pay for the prizes – donations towards the prize fund are, as always, more than welcome. I’ve just forked out for the new domain name of the new Guess That Movie website (I’ve just gotta wait for the DNS propagation to take place), then I’ve got to allocate some time to write the system to maintain the images (I’m planning on being able to mass-load images into so I once I click “correct guess” the system automatically makes the next one live: ideal for when I’m away from my home machine) then I’ve probably got to pay for the prizes… It’s becoming an expensive little game for me. And then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to return my blog to “normal operation”…

I’m going to get some sleep now (I only got 4 hours sleep last night and I’ve just flaked out for another 4 hours and I’m still tired) so there’ll probably be a small gap between the results of this one (I’m hoping it won’t be correctly guessed for a few day), but guess away! If you could also tell why you think it’s the movie you are guessing, it’ll be interesting…

A: The Goonies. Correctly guessed by LD

Guess That Movie: XII: Chicken Run

January 24th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round Twelve]Yet another hundred points were given out a few minutes ago – this time to LD for correctly recognising (within 30 minutes) Gloria Foster playing the Oracle in The Matrix [Order from] .

LD’s in the lead now with 280 points as compared with Ph33r_m3’s 265 and “Super Beastmaster”‘s 185 – but it could all change with this image.

Go on you clever clogs – guess this one! Leave a comment of your pathetic guess and watch me laugh at your feeble attempts to guess that movie…

(Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be regretting saying that?)

A: Chicken Run. Correctly guessed by Super Beastmaster.

Guess That Movie: XI: The Matrix

January 24th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 11]Another 100 points were given out earlier today as the first guess made on the previous image was not only made within the first twelve hours (only just though – another 30 minutes and 10 points would have been deducted) but Super Beastmaster also correctly guessed it was the Child Detection Agency van from Monsters Inc. [Order from]

I was hoping that since the Monsters Inc picture was slightly unreadable and it was an ‘extreme closeup’ that it would be vague enough to have a large number of guesses – but observably not. I’m kinda stuck in the middle here as I want them to be difficult enough that people enjoy playing (even though it is for a prize now) and guessing – but not too difficult that they can’t think of anything to guess and get bored. I had the Austin Powers image just about right I think…

Anyway – here’s another image for you to recognise which film it was taken from. Hopefully this one’s vague enough that they’ll be plenty of guesses…

A: The Matrix. Correctly guessed by LD

Guess That Movie: X: Monster’s Inc

January 24th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 10]Congratulations to Super Beastmaster for recognising Julia Roberts in the 2001 remake of Oceans Eleven [Order from] .

Here’s the new image – you know what to do! Just leave a comment with your guess (one guess per comment please and don’t leave multiple comments in a row with your own guesses – let others have a go). The comment system isn’t just about the guesses though – if you’ve got an idea or something (“hey – how about blurring the next picture?” ) then feel free to post it. I’ll try not to be too stringent about what is a guess though – “Did you see film XY or Z last week” won’t be interpreted as a guess, but “It looks like that sexy man Richy C. in Y, but I’m not sure” will be a guess.

A: Monsters, Inc.. Correct guessed by Super Beastmaster.

Guess That Movie: Scores So Far

January 24th, 2003

Well, how are people doing with the Guess That Movie game then? I’ve now put up a high score table so you can see how you are doing against others. At the moment Ph33r_m3 is winning but is LD is less than 100 points behind…

The collage of images with this entry shows all the pictures so far in the Guess That Movie competition – some easy, some hard and some just plain deceptive. Unlike the ‘normal’ GTM posts – you can actually click on this one to get a close up of the screen shot images.

Over the weekend there will be a few minor changes to the Guess That Movie game. I’m going to “branch it out” from my blog and make it an independent site. I’ve registered the domain name, already updated some of the entry details (you might have noticed the images disappearing and then reappearing for a few minutes – that was me renaming the files and then updating the blog database) and I’ve just got to come up with a nifty design of the site. Any ideas/suggestions? It’ll probably be powered by MovableType – mainly as it’s installed on my server and it has managed to do the job of running Guess That Movie up to now with excellence. Maybe if there was a way of doing the high score table in it…Hmm…

Depending on how popular the site gets, I may be looking for people to contribute screenshots – I captured an extra half dozen earlier this morning and I’ve still got around 70 movies I can take images from, but the more variance the better as it’ll make them harder to guess. Of course, I could also be looking for people willing to say “Yep, thats the movie”, “Nope – guess again”. If you are interested in these roles, just leave a comment and I’ll try and get back to you after the switchover.

Anyway, on with the competition…. Don’t forget there’s a prize once you break through the 500 point mark (I will try and update the high score chart as often as I can – but don’t expect it to be any often than once every 24 hours: I have got other things to do you know!).

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