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Category: Net: Blogging

Blogging: Referrers

Hmm, looking at my referrer logs for this site, it seems some 42 folks at NASCAR® Racing 2002 Discussion (registration required) were quite interested in the Mystery of Time Space Adventure, 30 people at Q4Music and 10 at Castle Quest liked the George Bush photo (so much they ‘leeched’ the photo off my site: see Cockeyed for what I could have done to the image), and 2 from totalxsive’s blog. Google search results, referrer spam and sites that have referred less than 10 visitors excluded.

Interesting reading 🙂

Blogging: totalxsive’s Blog

Neil, aka fellow dmoz editor totalxsive has linked to me here in his own blog!


And, yep, I’ve met Neil (and, believe me, that isn’t an experience I’m likely to forget!) – but I’m not sure about what he means by “he posts so many comments”. I’m only posting around 5 a day, just because I’ve got a lot to say on various subjects (mainly about spam at the moment unfortently 🙁 ), doesn’t make me a bad person does it? 🙂

Cheers Neil!

Blogging: Slashdot: Notification of blog move

I’ve just posted the following on my “other journal” at Slashdot to try and help any ‘fans’ of my journal/blog (if any 🙂 ) to this new site.

Hmm, I’ve installed Movable Type on my new “blog site” at (possibly a temporary URL, I haven’t decided yet) and I’m just running it to see if it gives me the additional ‘flexibility’ that Slashdot doesn’t. I’ve added a couple of modules to it so that I can actually have smilies in my posts easily (I’m quite fond of the little critters 🙂 ) and various other things – but we’ll see how things go. It’s only been a week since I installed it (and a day since I got around to getting fr’isk PerlMagick/ImageMagick properly installed), but you don’t know until you try.

At the moment, it’s mainly got mumblings about Distributed Proofreaders (recently on Slashdot), the ODP Mozzie Awards and just a small continuation of my previous journal entry (i.e. still no word from Kim – I’ve got no idea who she is).

Oh, and I haven’t really had a chance to play with the site design yet (it’s practically running in ‘default design’ state): but if all goes well, then I’ll instigate a nice look to it as soon as I’ve finished a couple of other site redesigns I’m working on.

Comments/criticism/ideas welcome (either via here or via the new blog). If everything is alright (and, more importantly, I’m happy with it), then I may think of offering ‘free blogs’ to a couple of my Slashdot friends (particularly one with the initials ‘NW’ who has, in some strange way, been ‘helpful’ 🙂 ).

Blogging: Blogchalked

I’ve just been over to BlogChalking and, “chalked” my blog. Basically, I get a happy smiley pointy haired icon that when you hover over it gives you some information such as: United Kingdom, Leicestershire, Leicester, Leicester, English, Richard, Male, 21-25, ODP, web development. which has something to do with weblogs 🙂 I’m so easily please at the moment – heh.

Blogging: Blogger Code

I’ve just gone and generated my blogger code and it is: B4 d++ t+ k+ s u– f i o+ x e+ l c (decoder). Yeah, it says I’ve been blogging for much longer than this Blog has been active (so longer than 3 days 🙂 ), but I did maintain one over at Slashdot, but I felt I needed a bit more ‘control’ over it. I had already zapped the old entries from Slashdot (although I have HD backups) for some inane reason, but don’t expect them back quite yet.