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Sponsor somebody to plummet towards pointy rocks

September 19th, 2008

In less that two weeks, Kate Craig-Wood (whose web site was redesigned by my other-half) and who is the MD of Memset Virtual Servers is taking part in the world’s first skydive onto Mount Everest raising money for Computer Clubs 4 Girls. Only 16% of technology workers are female, and the UK IT industry desperately needs to increase that proportion. CC4G aims to encourage girls between 10 and 14 to develop and interest in IT and learn core skills that will enable them to move into a successful and rewarding career.

Please consider making a donation in support of her jump from 29,000 ft (landing at 12,000 ft)! You can find more details and the link to donate here:

I would be very grateful if you would also consider passing this along to IT professionals in your personal network. The shortage of women in IT is a problem that affects us all, and all donations, no matter how small, will help.

(This was a public service announcement 🙂 Now give her some dosh!)

Stock Photography Sources

September 18th, 2008

Sometimes you just need a few extra pictures for a website you are working on, and here’s a few sources that I’m aware of for what is called “stock photos”. The licence summary I’ve provided is only a guide and you must read each sites terms of usage. The “number of results” was taken today (18-Sep-2008) and should help give you an idea of how many images each site has.

Pricing: 100 credits (20 small images, 10 medium or 6 extra large) normally cost $90.00. However, you get a weeks sign up bonus which brings the price down to $45 for 100 credits. A single image is priced at $5/$10/$15 (small/medium/large) normally ($2/$5/$8 with the discount). They do also have a daily free image.
Licencing: Images cannot be resold seperately. Images cannot be used as photographic prints, t-shirts, mugs, mousemats or similar. Images can only be used for a single client.
Number of results for: “cat” (3,333), “girl” (74,136), “computer” (18,754), “traffic lights” (193)
Pricing: £8.89 for 10 credits (2 medium images or 1 detailed vector image), £22.22 for 26 credits (5 medium images, 1 elaborate vector image or 1 small web video), £41.27 for 50 credits (10 medium images, 2 elaborate vector images or 3 small web videos)
Licencing: Cannot be used in online of offline resold items (such as templates), cannot be used on sites designed to promote or sell “on demand” products, cannot be used as part of a trademark, business name or logo. Cannot be used in pornographic, obscene, immorale or libelous content. Cannot be used to appear to endorse a product.
Number of results for: “cat” (12,883), “girl” (232,596), “computer” (69,916), “traffic lights” (1,759)
Pricing: 1 credit= £0.57. Alternatively, a 30 day subscription at £125 allows you to download up to 25 images per day. Photos differ in “credit value” depending on size, resolution, exclusivity.
Licencing: Various
Number of results for: “cat” (27,314), “girl” (373,709), “computer” (113,622), “traffic lights” (1,252)
Reflex Stock
Pricing: Varies due to usage, image size, duration and insdustry.
Licencing: Various
Number of results for: “cat” (5,000), “girl” (5,000), “computer” (5,000), “traffic lights” (1,771) [it appears search results are capped at a maximum of 5,000]
Stock.Xchng (Stock exchange)
Pricing: Free
Licencing: Images cannot be used for pornographic, unlawful, or immoral purposes or for spreading hate or discrimination. Images cannot be used to endorse products or services if it depicts a person. Cannot be used as part of a trademark, serivce mark or logo. Not allowed to resell or distribute.
Number of results for: “cat” (1,000), “girl” (1,000), “computer” (1,000), “traffic lights” (169) [it appears search results are capped at a maximum of 1,000]

Pricing: Various
Licencing: Various
Number of results for: “cat” (10,996), “girl” (210,688), “computer” (94,718), “traffic lights” (876)
Pricing: £29 for 5 hi-res images, £139 for 25. Alternatively, £149 for 1 month of up to 25 images a day
Licencing: Max web resolution is 800×600. Cannot be used for commercial usage or display on printed items. Cannot be used in email mailing lists sent to more than 250,000 users. Cannot be used more than 250,000 times on letterheads, business cards, brochures, software, etc. Cannot be used with pornographic, defamatory, unlawful/immoral content, tobacco advertising, adult advertising (in any way), pharmaceutical advertising (including deitary supplements or birth control).
Number of results for: “cat” (26,585), “girl” (507,322), “computer” (141,160), “traffic lights” (7,981)

And some slightly unusual sources:

Template Monster
You could buy a website template and then extract the image(s) from it that you like (subject to the licence agreement)

Any others that you know about which you’d like to fill in the details about (I know there are a large number of sources for photos, images and other stock and royalty free photos – but it’s just very time consuming hunting down the information).

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 12th, 2008

This coming Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day (UK site)- and I’m getting a start “Let’s download that <insert popular movie> torrent and let’s start up Limewire…”

Oh – you mean not a “software pirate” but the global warming preventing Aaarr! pirates.

Matt Cutts has some appropriate pirate fonts available from his site (along with some other font hints/tips such as making a font online for free).

Anyway, if you’re unwilling to learn how to talk like a pirate you Bilge rat, then show a leg my hearties and be reading this Peter Pan extract before you go down into Davy Jones’ Locker without grog!

Avast belay, yo ho, heave to,
A-pirating we go
And if we’re parted by a shot
We’re sure to meet below!
Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life,
The flag o’skull and bones
A merry hour, a hempen rope
And ‘hey’ for Davy Jones!

B0rken eBay Express

March 28th, 2008

Broken Ebay ExpressI was just poking around eBay earlier and I came across mention of “eBayExpress” and thought it’ll be interesting to sign up. So I tried to – but hit a load of debug information.

Interesting stuff: eBay Express appears to run in PHP (as can be confirmed in the URL), but it runs on Microsoft SQL Server (as can be evidenced by the MS SQL/mssql mentions in the error messages) and they use the “sa” (super administrator) account to login to the MS SQL server: a big no no in any security aware programmer’s book. They also have the web server running on the same server as the database server (as evidenced by the “Unable to connect to server: localhost” section) and they keep everything in nice distinct files. They also have warnings turned on on their server.

Interesting stuff (for a techy like me!).


Steps to replicate:
» Read more: B0rken eBay Express

Net: Bookfilled Stair case

February 28th, 2008

Book Filled Stair CaseI want a stair case like Veronika & Sebastian. Books both sides of the stair case and books in the steps themselves – such a good idea by Levitate Architects that, if I had the money, I’ll have them round like a shot to do our house like that. More pics available at ny/ at-europe/ at-europe-london-closeup-the-amazing-staircase-042543.

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