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  • Argument list too long when using rm ?

    Ever needed to delete a lot (and I mean several thousand) files from a directory in Linux? Then you may have encountered the “Argument list too long” error message which occurs when using “rm *” on the folder. This problem occurs because the list of files exceeds the 128K buffer which the kernel uses to […]

  • Techy: Recursive Find and Grep

    Here’s another little Linux “script snippet” I’ve needed over the past few days: basically, give it a directory/folder and it’ll search all the files in that directory for a set word, words, phrase (or even a string of characters). Very handy if you can tell that a server obviously knows about the domain, but try […]

  • Techy: Recursive CHMOD of Folders

    I’m currently in the midst of moving a large number of websites from one Red Hat Linux web server (an Ensim machine) to another Red Hat Linux web server (this one powered by Cpanel) , but the chmod (file permissions) of the “public_html” (web root, web docs, htdocs whatever) folder is incorrect on the new […]

  • Techy: Single Line Multiple File Search And Replace

    Whilst performing the server upgrades, Ensim Pro died and crashed the server forcing us to roll back to plain old Ensim on the Red Hat Linux box. After we had done that, we then had to restore all the customer data and I noticed a slight inconsistency in the data: for some reason, all the […]