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  • Weird: Male Genitalia: Part The Deux

    Yep, there’s a continuation from yesterday’s Male Genitalia post. It’s just that Neil‘s comment reminded me of a few songs I had heard concerning it, so may I present: The Penis Song – by Monty Python A nice little ditty – imagine Noel Coward performing it whilst playing a piano. and Pet Names For Genitalia […]

  • Weird: Shutdown the Internet

    You all know to shut down your computer properly at night/when you finish don’t you? Well – did you remember to shut down the Internet correctly when you had finished using it? No? Well, next time – remember to take your Javascript enabled web browser over to Turn Off The Internet and safely shutdown the […]

  • Weird: Egg Separator

    Yuck! Further to previous thoughts, I’ve decided to create a ‘Net: Weird’ category – mainly because this strange item falls into no other category… The Peter Petrie Egg Separator helps you separate the contents of an egg: just crack an egg into the top of it and you can pour out the albumen (white) of […]

  • Weird: Animal “thingys”

    I swear I’ll have to make a “Net: Just plain weird” category at this rate! Please please don’t tell me that these people are serious about selling animal shaped dildos. And, no, I’m not talking about dildos that are actually shaped like an animal – but one’s that are shaped like animal’s..erm..erm..genitalia. Yep – that’s […]

  • Weird: Sick Grilling Machine

    Uck! My father’s mentioned he would like a George Foreman Baby George Lean Mean Roasting Machine (why can’t they just say ‘Grill?’) for Christmas. Uck! Yes, I know babies are the “other other white meat” (quote from ‘Fat Bastard’ in Austin Powers 2), but the fact that somebody actually sells grills to cook babies – […]