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Snippet: Lack Of Email

January 22nd, 2003

*snippet* I’ve now been around 5 hours without access to my main email accounts. I’ve actually got 4 POP3 servers that I currently fetch email from – but I have around 95% of all email go to my main ISPs mail servers (mainly for historical reasons than anything else). Unfortunately, they’ve been suffering technical problems (“Engineers are investigating”) for the past 5 hours so I’ve been practically email-less during that time. I can send email ok, and receive it via my other accounts: but the bulk of my mail is currently unreachable…. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms *sob*

So – if you’ve sent any email to me within the past 6 hours and haven’t had a reply yet, I’m not ignoring you – it’s just sitting unreachable on the mail server.

And will somebody please Guess That Movie. It’s infuriating from my point of view – I’ve got a big announcement to make regarding the “Guess That Movie” competition, around 3 more images “ready to roll” and the name of the movie can actually be reached within 2 clicks of the mouse (you’ll then have a list of 17 possible movies but only 2 actually meet the ‘same year as ‘She’s All That'” criteria).

Snippet: Mr. “Strongman” Humphries

January 22nd, 2003

*snippet* Found in one of Indie-Girl‘s comments:

“john inman presenting the worlds strongest man conjures up many amusing thoughts though”

Yep, for some reason I can’t see John Inman – who is better known for playing the camp Mr. “I’m Free” Humphries in “Are you being served?” – presenting a strong man competition either.

Snippet: Funny comment on Slashdot

January 21st, 2003

*snippet* Q: Sir, are you classified as human?
A: Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

Well, I found it funny!

Snippet: Packet Loss

January 18th, 2003

*snippet* I’m currently experiencing around 75% to 100% packet loss from my main ADSL ISP to several sites across the internet – including the server my blog is hosted on. Obviously this is causing a severe impact on my connectivity (sustaining a connection where less than 25% of the data reaches you is unmaintainable) and hence why there is a chance there may be no more entries today (and I had around 3 to finish off). Drat. It’s taking around 5 minutes just to get confirmation that my blog server has accepted my post 🙁

Snippet: Over 100k words!

January 18th, 2003

*snippet* Looking at my statistics, I’ve just passed the 100,000th word mark in my blog! Yes, I’ve written over one hundred thousand words on this ‘ere blog (the previous entry took the total to 100,466). Wow – that’s a lot of typing (and it doesn’t include the images: but if a picture is worth a thousand words and I’ve got around 200 pictures – than that’s around 300,000 words 🙂 )

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