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January 22nd, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

*snippet* I’ve now been around 5 hours without access to my main email accounts. I’ve actually got 4 POP3 servers that I currently fetch email from – but I have around 95% of all email go to my main ISPs mail servers (mainly for historical reasons than anything else). Unfortunately, they’ve been suffering technical problems (“Engineers are investigating”) for the past 5 hours so I’ve been practically email-less during that time. I can send email ok, and receive it via my other accounts: but the bulk of my mail is currently unreachable…. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms *sob*

So – if you’ve sent any email to me within the past 6 hours and haven’t had a reply yet, I’m not ignoring you – it’s just sitting unreachable on the mail server.

And will somebody please Guess That Movie. It’s infuriating from my point of view – I’ve got a big announcement to make regarding the “Guess That Movie” competition, around 3 more images “ready to roll” and the name of the movie can actually be reached within 2 clicks of the mouse (you’ll then have a list of 17 possible movies but only 2 actually meet the ‘same year as ‘She’s All That'” criteria).

This post is over 6 months old.

This means that, despite my best intentions, it may no longer be accurate.

This blog holds over 12 years of archived content - during that time, I may have changed my opinion of something, technology will have advanced (and old "best standards" may no longer be the case), my technology "know how" has improved etc etc - it would probably take me a considerable amount of time to update all the archival entries: and defeat the point of keeping them anyway.

Please take these posts for what they are: a brief look into my past, my history, my journey and "caveat emptor".

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