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Richy's Random Ramblings

Fun: Pick On George Bush!

[Click to zoom]I’ve come across a couple of sites today poking fun at George W. Bush (did you know the ‘W’ stood for Walker?’). Whilst I know it’s not a new occurance, the site posted by UserFriendly is quite fun – “Make Your Own Bush Speech” (where you join up words and phrases to make Dubya speak).

And Joho has blogged with this picture Dubya with a pair of binoculars. But click on the picture (to get a bigger view) and look at the lens cap of the binocs… And the Americans trust him to run their country? 🙂


News: “The End of the World is Nigh”

Well, it looks like we are all about to die. Oh well, such is life. Com’n, you are trying to tell me you haven’t yet heard that the Earth’s poles are going to flip causing the Sun’s rays roast us? (see also the Slashdot story or NASA’s viewpoint). According to Sightings, it’s going to happen on the 05/May/2005 (05/05/05 – coincidence?)

I liked the Slashdot posts:

FYI, when the poles flip, every natural disaster known to man kind happens in a 30 day period…

Floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. You name it.

Good! Might as well get all of them out of the way quickly and have it easy after that!


Of course, the Sun is expected to explode in less than six years – so by 2010 we are all going to be dead (according to the scientists). I’m still not tempted to take out massive loans over a 30 year period though for some inane reason.

Game: Toss that Spear!

There’s a fun little game called Spear Toss where you control a little, erm, caveman I think. Just load your Flash enabled browser, click to start running, click to pull back the spear, and finally click again to release the spear (before the two stones which mark the end of the ‘runway’ though, or else it’s a foul). I’ve managed 512.711feet so far.

Techy: Handy little IE utility

I’ve recently come across the very handy Internet Explorer utility IESpell. Basically, you install it, reload IE and from then on you can right click and go ‘Check Spelling’ on any text-field you like (handy for blogs, editing on ODP or anything which requires good spelling). Highly recommended for any one running Internet Explorer (I’m running v6) – does Mozzila, Netscape or Opera have a similar function though? However, any good spell checker can’t prevent stupidity (“as soon as you make something idiot proof, a bigger idiot comes along”), so it is still possible to write things like this:

I have a spelling chequer
It came with my PC
It plainly marks for my revue
miss takes I cannot see
I’ve run this poem threw it
I’m shore your pleased two no
its letter perfect in its weigh
my chequer tolled me sew.

Books: Big order

Well, I’ve just some of my Christmas Shopping on and it’s come to quite a bit! I’ve brought some of the stuff for myself (hey, I deserve to be treated 🙂 ), but…!

12 items at a total cost of £134.54! Wow!