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Richy's Random Ramblings

Bug Report: [Closed] cPanel WP Toolkit Does Not Work With Plugins With Slashes In Their Name

In an effort to prove to myself that I am actually trying to do work this month, I’m making a note of all the bugs in 3rd party software I find.

Today is a bug reported to cPanel Inc on the 4th June 2022 under their tracking request ID 94452913 affecting their WordPress Toolkit cPanel module which has a problem with slashes in plugin names.

Nixstats And Cloudflare – Allowing IPs

What is NixStats? I’m currently trying the NixStats (affiliate link) monitoring tool for servers and websites – mainly because it’s cheap (starts at $0/month for 5 monitors and 1 server, $9.95/month for 10 servers and 25 web monitors) and partially because it’s owned by WebPros. Not heard of WebPros? Me neither until I went digging and found out that not only do they now own NixStats but also cPanel Inc and Plesk (both “rivals” in the web hosting control panel world) – along with a few others(!) The Problem – Cloudflare’s security being triggered Anyway – one of the sites I am monitoring using Nixstats is under the Cloudflare system – and because of the frequent monitoring, it may “trip up” Cloudflare’s security features so I needed to “allow list” (aka “white list”) the IP addresses used by NixStats. Luckily, they do provide a list at and (I’ve got no idea how often these are updated though) – but you can’t simply import these into Cloudflare due to two issues: One of the IP addresses (in the first list) has a trailing tab character which Cloudflare just rejects as being an invalid IP address. Took me a while…

Getting Mailvelope working on Brave Browser

For the last few years, I’ve been using Brave as my primary web browser due to its advert and tracking blocking abilities – extremely useful on YouTube! It’s based on Chromium (like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge), but more privacy/anti-ad orientated. I’ve also been wanting to GPG/PGP sign some emails using my web based email clients so I’ve installed the Mailvelope plugin from the Google Chrome store and in conjunction with GPG4Win it means I should have access to all the PGP and GPG keys stored on my Windows 10 machine… Except it doesn’t work – it fails to list any installed keys… Why? Well, it all comes down to a Chrome based protocol called NativeMessaging which requires software (such as GPG4Win) to registered their “acknowledgement” of browser plugins such as Mailvelope by adding (in the case of Windows) various registry settings for the browser to read and interlink. In the case of Brave, it appears the others of GPG4Win aren’t (currently) aware of it and so don’t set the various registry settings for it to work correctly – and Brave, unlike Microsoft Edge, has no “fall back” facilities to check other browsers for their Native messaging setup. I have…