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Tag: carphone warehouse

Carphone Warehouse: Shoddy Customer Support

I’ve just sent the following email to Carphone Warehouse’s customer support department as, after years of service with them, I’ve become very dissatisfied with their service and I’m looking at moving away from them as quickly as possible. From what I’ve heard from co-workers, I’m not the only person which has had this sort of experience recently with Carphone Warhouse: going from a company I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to one that I’m on the verge of hating with every breath I take. Who else (reading this blog) has had this sort of experience with them and if you’d recommend any other mobile phone retailer. I would like my PAC code so I can port to O2 directly. Please supply this within 48 hours and do not cancel my contract until further notice. Reasons for porting: * Very poor customer support by Carphone Warehouse Upgrade Department. I called once today for an upgrade: they offered me a “special” of the Nokia N95 on 30GBP per month: which is exactly the same as O2 offer directly!). They then said that I couldn’t call them back within 10 minutes, and that they would call me back. No call received within 30 minutes.…

Techy: Mobile Phone Coverage Maps

Thinking about a recent comment I made on Utterly Boring, I thought I’d list the major UK mobile telephone (cell phone) providers coverage maps so if anybody is looking at purchasing a new mobile phone, they can see how good the signal receiption is in their area: O2 (formerly BT Cellnet). Owned by Telefonica. Also provides services to the Tesco Mobile MVNO network Orange. Owned by France Telecom T-Mobile (formerly 121). Owned by Deutsche Telekom. Also provides services to the Virgin Mobile MVNO network and Carphone Warehouse MobileWorld MVNO Vodafone Three. Owned by Hutchison Whampoa.

Life: Shopping For Phone

I popped into Leicester City Centre today to do some shopping. There’s 5 DVDs I want (price of £30 each – that’s practically triple the selling price of the new Harry Potter DVD) and I know HMV has a number of stores that stock them. So I pop into HMV and ask if they could order them from one of those stores – they can’t and I have to order them order the internet.
What’s the point of having a HMV store in Leicester, UK and a HMV store in Tokyo, Japan if you can’t order from one or another 🙁

Then I tried to buy a mobile phone. The only catch – I need it to work in Japan as well as the UK. Japan has it’s own cell/mobile phone system which is not used anywhere else in the world. Would like a phone similiar to my existing Nokia 6210 (slimish, not too big and not too small, WAP and infrared). I asked 4 stores their recommendations for these simple requirements: results were from the “Can’t help go away” to downright deceptive to “very sorry sir, can’t help but..” to “This should do”.