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  • Magento: Class Zend_log not found in GoMage Lightcheckout Help file

    Do you receive an error message such as: Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Log’ not found in /…/app/code/local/GoMage/Checkout/Block/Adminhtml/System/Config/Fieldset/Help.php on line 48 when running the GoMage Lightcheckout v3.1 plugin for Magento? If so, it’s a quick fix: just open up that file and remove the section: protected function _getFieldsetCss() { $configCss = (string)$this->getGroup()->fieldset_css; return ‘config collapseable’.($configCss ? ‘ […]

  • Magento: Associating customer accounts

    If you run a Magento e-commerce store, you may occasionally find existing customers placing orders without being logged into their account. This isn’t a problem usually, unless the customer is one of those vary rare ones which actually logs into the customer frontend to track/check their order(s). If they weren’t logged in, they won’t see […]

  • PHP: Magento – current stock value

    If you run the Magento ecommerce shopping cart software and you want to find out how much your stock is worth, how many product lines you have stocked and how many individual items you have, you may find the following MySQL query handy. I’m assuming that you’ve created an attribute with the attribute code “supplier_price” […]

  • Snippet: ClickCartPro: Extracting VAT Exempt orders

    If you are looking for a way of listing all orders in Greenbarnweb/Kryptonic’s ClickCartPro software that is exempt from European/UK VAT, then you may find the following SQL query useful: SELECT `id` , `dateday` , `datemonth` , `dateyear` , `ordertotal`, `eutaxrefundtotal` , `country` FROM `gbu0_orders` WHERE STATUS = ‘C’ AND (eutaxrefundtotal >0) ORDER BY dateyear […]