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  • Windows 10 OpenSSH – Configuring Windows Git

    This article is the last of a series I’ve written about migrating from using PuTTy on Windows to using the native OpenSSH client now available on Windows 10: you can read the rest of the articles via: Installation Storing keys using the SSH Agent Importing existing keys Creating a new public/private key pair Other useful […]

  • Hosted GIT Repositories

    Many of you developers have used Github, but when you want an organisation’s code hosted (in private repositories), Github can be quite expensive. The current rates are: Plan Price Private repositories Collaborators Disk space Organisations: Platinum $200/month 125 Unlimited 60Gb Organisations: Gold $100/month 50 Unlimited 20Gb Organisations: Silver $50/month 20 Unlimited 6Gb Organisations: Bronze $25/month […]