Windows 10 OpenSSH – Useful commands

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This article is the fifth of a series I’ve written about migrating from using PuTTy on Windows to using the native OpenSSH client now available on Windows 10: you can read the rest of the articles via:

  1. Installation
  2. Storing keys using the SSH Agent
  3. Importing existing keys
  4. Creating a new public/private key pair
  5. Other useful OpenSSH commands < You are here
  6. Configuring Windows Git
Check the keys have been imported to the SSH agent
ssh-add -l

2048 SHA256:9hLEuBRdTBGDmAWxaDXhSwvqYLGVxDVtGiMumz9NUak C:\Users\userName/.ssh/id_rsa (RSA)
Show the public keys in the ssh-agent
ssh-add -L

ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nza...1F53nyTYMlmtcrZZp C:\Users\userName/.ssh/id_rsa
Delete all keys from the ssh-agent
ssh-add -D : hope you kept a backup!
Delete a specific key from the ssh-agent
ssh-add -d C:\Users\userName/.ssh/id_rsa

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